Our parish is very much one of families (and that we define in the widest of terms). As well as celebrating baptism and marriage we welcome families when they are grieving.

The death of someone we have loved is a very difficult time. We offer support, prayer and the love of God as you move through the first few weeks.

Funerals can take place in a church, at a funeral home or a crematorium. Having a service in church gives more time and space for the service you would like. The minister may take the whole service or the family or family friends may take a part.

The funeral then may moves to either a cemetery or crematorium for the committal.

For five years after the death, on 2nd November, we invite you to a Memorial Service known as the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed. Here we remember the person you have loved by name. In following years you are welcome to ask for them to be named.